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To sign up for the 2020 FCPTL Paul Fowler Invitational, only one of the partners needs to complete this on-line form and pay the registration fee via credit card.

If you are not already in the system, you will need to set up an account before you can register.  This is a simple process whereby you enter your name and contact information.

If you have already been entered into the system (this includes all Captains and most players) you will need to use your e-mail address and individual account password to sign in.  (Captains, this may be different from the password you use to log in and post scores).  If you don't know your password, just enter your e-mail address and it will be sent to you.

Please note the following:

1. Choose the appropriate Division (1-7/8) from the options below.  Players must be from the same club and must register to play in the same Division as the team for which they have played most often during the season.  

2.  Wait List - Once the draws are full (16 teams per division), we will continue to accept a few registrations on the wait list in case teams drop out or we need to fill out the draw in another division.  This happens every year so PLEASE SIGN UP, AND IF YOU ARE #1 or #2 ON THE LIST THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU WILL PLAY!

3. Cancellations - Completion of the registration process and rendering of payment serves as confirmation of your participation in the tournament.  In case of withdrawal after you have registered, the $200 Tournament Fee will be refunded, ONLY IF YOU FIND A REPLACEMENT TEAM TO TAKE YOUR PLACE and/or at the discretion of the Board.


We will try and assist you in finding a replacement partner or team, but do not guarantee that we will be able to do so.  Any refunds will be processed AFTER the Tournament.

4. Placement - The FCPTL Tournament Committee reserves the right to move teams to a different division based on the need to fill other draws using teams from divisions that are oversubscribed (i.e. more than 16 teams).


The Tournament Committee will make every attempt to limit the need to move teams. We will use our best judgment to ensure that teams are placed in divisions with other teams of similar skill level.

Good luck to all teams in the Tournament!